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Nothing contained in the Site constitutes provision of financial, trading, investment, legal services, or tax advice. Neither the information or any opinion contained in this Site constitutes a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, securities, futures, options or other financial instruments. Decisions based on the information contained on this site are the sole responsibility of the visitor. Please consult with your financial advisor, attorney and/or tax accountant before engaging in transactions with us. The materials in the Site are provided “AS IS” and without warranties of any kind (either express or implied). BlocX LLC. does not (a) guarantee any rate of return or is responsible for any interest earned or interest paid; (b) mitigate any risk; (c) earn any fees; (d) hold responsibility for the funds sent through our platform. Note that funds can be lost due to instability of the Blockchain or a cyber attack, To the fullest extent permissible pursuant to applicable law, any and all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are disclaimed. BlocX LLC. is a private company registered in Delaware as well as New Jersey and is authorized under State of NJ Department of Banking & Insurance, Licensing Services Bureau, License # 1903909.

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